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North Platte - AYSO Region 412

Letter from Board

On behalf of the AYSO Board of Directors, welcome to the AYSO Spring Season. For some of you this may be your first experience playing in our league, for others you may have been involved for many years. I hope this letter provides you with the answers to the questions you may have.


Please check our Facebook page for the most current information from our RC .

We will schedule 8 games but only a minimum of 6 have to be played. All practices and games are played at Centennial Park Soccer Complex.


Coaches may begin practices any time on/after date listed (Please check our Facebook page).  It is up to the individual coaches to decide when practices will be held and they are also responsible for deciding whether or not they should practice in inclement weather.

In the U6 age division, coaches may conduct three ½ hour practices before the 1st game date. Once the season starts practices will be the first ½ hour followed by the game If the game schedule says that your game is at 9:00, then your practice starts at 9:00am, game will start at approximately 9:30am. Practice and the game are held on the same field.

In the U8, U10, U12 and U15 division, teams may have up to 4 one hour practices before the first game day. Once games begin, coaches will schedule one practice for one hour during the week. Practices will be held at Centennial fields. 

Game Day

The general soccer policy is that games will be played in rain or shine. It is up to the individual parents to decide on the appropriate dress for the child based on the weather of the day. Everyone is well aware that weather in Nebraska is very unpredictable and you should be prepared for anything. The only people authorized to cancel or suspend a game is the field referee, Regional Commissioner or Safety Director. Coaches will be notified of any cancellations and are responsible for relaying that information on to their teams. We will post cancellations on the AYSO Soccer North Platte, NE facebook page. (Make sure to ‘like’ the page and click the button for notifications)


Schedules will be posted on the site on the Schedule page.
Please note:
Our Scheduling software is unable to generate schedules till ALL coaching positions are filled.
Please expect the first week schedule a couple of days before the first game. 

Proper Dress for Game Day

1. Each player must be dressed as follows:
   a. Issued jersey, issued socks (AYSO provided)
   b. black shorts, shin guards. (Shin guards must be worn under the sock) (player provided)
   c. Regulation soccer shoes, gym shoes or sneakers. Soccer cleats must be rubber and MAY NOT have a toe cleat. Metal cleats and toe cleats will not be allowed.
2. In the event of inclement or cold weather additional clothing may be worn under the issued uniform. Compression, thermal underwear or sweat pants are all acceptable clothing that can be worn under the issued clothing. HOODED SWEATSHIRTS ARE NOT ALLOWED, EVEN IF YOU TUCK THE HOOD UNDER THE JERSEY. Players not attired in proper uniform will not be allowed to play until they are properly dressed.
3. The player cannot wear exposed piercing, bracelets, wristwatches, necklaces, sunglasses or other objects including a splint or cast, which could cause injury to oneself or another player. NO ONE including the player’s parent can allow a player to play with one of these items on his/her person.
4. Shin guards are MANDATORY. Goalies may wear soft knee or elbow pads. Baseball caps may not be worn. Long hair must be pulled back and tied. No hard barrettes or other decorative hair items are allowed. Soft headbands may be worn.

*Dogs are strongly discouraged from being at the soccer fields during game days as they present a trip hazard and other safety concerns for the kids playing soccer.

**We strive to make our playing fields safe and free of hazards for the kids to play. Should you have any concerns about the playing fields please contact a board member who can easily be identified as they will be wearing either a blue jacket or shirt that says board member.

Ball Size

Size 3 - U6   & U8
Size 4 - U10 & U12
Size 5 - U15

The AYSO Mission

1. Please remember that whether this is your first child participating or your fifth, AYSO has a lot to offer to the children in our community. As part of AYSO’s education agenda, Kids Zone is a dynamic program targeted to eliminate negative sideline behavior. It is aimed towards producing a positive impact for everyone involved in soccer. Coaches, referees, board members are all volunteering their time. Please be patient and understanding with them to make the best of your family’s overall AYSO experience.
2. In AYSO “everyone plays”. We invite parents to become players too, by joining our volunteer network, which is the heart of AYSO. Without you, our dedicated parents and friends, serving as referees, coaches, administrators, etc our program would not exist.
3. Please volunteer your time and talents to help keep this outstanding program operational here in North Platte.


As a parent, you have a special role in contributing to the needs and development of these youngsters. Through your encouragement and good example, you can help assure the effectiveness of the AYSO program.

Support Your Child

Support your child by giving encouragement and showing an interest in his or her team. Help your child work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship in every game. Teach your child that hard work and an honest effort are often more important than victory. Your child will be a winner, even in defeat.

Always Be Positive

Parents are not participants on their child's team. However, they do contribute to the success experienced by their child and the team. Parents serve as role models for their children. Applaud good plays by your child's team and by the opposing team. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from youth sporting activities.

Be Enthusiastic and Supportive

Let children set their own goals and play the game for themselves. Be careful not to impose your own standards and goals on your child. Don't put too heavy a burden on your child to win games. Surveys reveal that 72 percent of children would rather play for a losing team than ride the bench for a winner.

Reinforce Positive Behavior

The best way to help a child to achieve goals and reduce the natural fear of failure is through positive reinforcement. No one likes to make a mistake. If your child does make one, remember that he or she is still learning. Encourage your child's efforts and point out the good things your child accomplished.

Let Coaches Coach and Refs Ref

Coaches and referees are usually parents. They volunteer their time to help make your child's youth soccer experience a positive one. They need your support, too. What coaches and referees don't need is your help in coaching from the sidelines. So please refrain from coaching during games and practices. Referees are not the "bad guys." They are volunteers, too, and need your support and encouragement. Treat them and their calls fairly and respectfully.

AYSO Guidance Manual Parent
Game Of Soccer- Simple




Kids Zone

In AYSO, we want all players, coaches, families and volunteers to have fun. That’s where Kids Zone comes in. Kids Zone is a program that encourages fans on the sidelines, and anyone else near the play, to use positive language, show sportsmanship in their attitude and behavior, and create a great experience for every player. It’s a reminder that the soccer fields are a kid’s zone – a friendly, happy, wholesome place for children to play.

  1. Kids are No. 1.
  2. Fun, not winning is everything.
  3. Fans only cheer, and only coaches coach.
  4. No yelling in anger.
  5. Respect the volunteer referees.
  6. No swearing or abusive behavior.
  7. No alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
  8. No weapons.
  9. Leave no trash behind.
  10. Set a proper example of sportsmanship.
 When it comes down to it, Kids Zone is about supporting every child on the field - even those on the opposing team. It means supporting the players whether they win or lose. It means honoring the game – not the outcome of the game. Remember, respect starts with you!

Kid Zone Pledge

Safe Haven for Parents

Safe Haven® is a program designed to address a growing need for child and volunteer protection.

Child Protection

There are four elements in the Safe Haven intervention cycle. These are intended to stop child abuse and its agents before they get into the program

  • Create Policies
  • Screen Volunteers
  • Train Volunteers
  • Promote Education and Awareness

AYSO's goal is to provide certification training for all its volunteers. Certification offers the hope that every AYSO child will be treated with understanding, compassion, and respect.

•AYSO's Safe Haven Program for Parents

Six Philosophies

The AYSO develops and delivers quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment based on our Six Philosophies:

  • Everyone Plays® - Our goal is for kids to play soccer - so we mandate that every player on every team must play at least half of every game.
  • Balanced Teams - We require every region at the start of each season to set up teams as evenly balanced as possible. It's more fun when teams are of equal ability.
  • Positive Coaching - This builds a positive team spirit. We train and encourage our coaches to make the extra effort to understand and offer positive help to our players, rather than negative criticism.
  • Open Registration - Our programs are open to all children ages 4 - 18 who want to register and play soccer. Interest and enthusiasm are the only requirements for playing.
  • Good Sportsmanship - We create a positive environment based on mutual respect, rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude. All of our programs are designed to instill good sportsmanship in every facet of AYSO.
  • Player Development - We believe that all players should be able to develop their soccer skills and knowledge to the best of their abilities, both individually and as members of a team, in order to maximize their enjoyment of the game.

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